AMIN Europe

For the third time we created the in information pamphlet for the German Centre of Tourism in cooperation with the ÖBB

For the third time running the German Centre of Tourism gave us the task of creating their 56 page pamphlet "Deutschland erleben - mit der Bahn in alle deutsche Städte und Naturlandschaften reisen" - "Experience Germany - by train to Germanies cities and naturepreserves". The ten categories of offers for Austrian guests to the "Reiseland Deutschland" - "Travelcountry Germany" include wine, music,...

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The new Motel of the Novomatic hotel group has joined Klasan

Following the success of two other Novomatic hotels - Sacher Baden and Admiral - Novotel realized a new motel concept. The Motel Verde is situated idealy on the Triester Street near Schönau on the Triesting and is deigned innovatively to reflect that natural beauty of the landscape but first and foremost the motel is unique in its price category. This is what we have communicated to the target...

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New brochure for the Institute of Nuclear Medicine in the former Empress Elisabeth Hospital

To celebrate the 65th birthday of Prim. Dr. Karl Korsika, longtime board member and head of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine in the Empress Elisabeth Hospital, we created and produced a brochure that focused on the particular importance the Institute has among the internationally reknown "Kropfspitals". Simultaneously it was also a small thank you to the extraordinary physician, who for more

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Big success: 50.000+ votes for the Favorite Installer/Plumber of Vienna

Installers/Plumbers are amongst the least popular professions in Vienna. During the last four years KLASAN ran an extensive campaign to reposition the Installers/Plumbers of Vienna as the "Experts for Comfort". This year we celebrated the 125-year jubilee of the Vienna Chamber Organization of the Installers/Plumbers and invited the audience to vote for the most-liked installer/plumber in each of...

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Klasan wins the second hotel of Novomatic Group, Hotel Admiral in Baden, too

After the successful launch of the campaign for the historic Hotel Sacher Baden, owner Novomatic assigned Klasan to create a similar line of communication for its second hotel, Hotel Admiral situated also in Baden near Vienna. The task was to create an umbrella for both hotels though they are very different: Hotel Admiral is a modern business hotel while Hotel Sacher is a traditional house with a...

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Welcome to our new client, Hotel Sacher Baden

In 1880 the inventor of the world-famous “Sacher Cake”, Franz Sacher, built a hunting château in the small city of Baden a few miles outside of Vienna, run by his son, Carl. Here, the best sulfur baths of Europe were situated and the Imperial Court of Austria spent most of the summer there. On many occasions Empress Sisi visited the Hotel Sacher. Now Klasan created a new communication line...

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Cooperation with our spanish and portugese partner agency for EDP renewables at the EWEA Europe’s Premier Wind Energy Event, Vienna Fair, March 4 - 7, 2013

EWEA Europe’s Premier Wind Energy Event took place at Vienna Fair, March 4 - 7. And directly at the main entrance square the presentation of the multi-national wind-park specialist was organized by our partner agencies from Portugal and Spain. (EDP originates from Lisbon and has its headquaters in Madrid.) And our agency could provide some logistical assistance on-site. 4 days long 20 branded and...

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Meet the family - AMIN General Meeting at Helsinki, Dec. 13 - 16, 2012 organized by our finnish partner agency FAMILY

Winterwonderland - deep in the woods, 30 km outside of Helsinki our Annual Meeting took place. A great place to be NOT distracted by anything. Dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon and loads of snow everywhere. So we could concentrate on the planning of cooperations within the AMIN network.

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"In good hands in the future, too" - the Farewell-Book of the Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Spital

Over 15 years we were honoured to work for the Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Hospital. From the logo and the slogan "In good hands" to the Corporate Identity-brochure and many other projects. Founded in 1890 by Empress Elisabeth of Austria the hospital was a worldwide center of competence for thyroid surgery (with 1.600 surgeries per year!!). And it was one of the best places to be sick in Vienna - more

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Wall calender for Vienna Neighbourhood Simmering already published for the 6th year

Simmering has a glorious tradition, like many other neighbourhoods in Vienna. But Simmering shows it´s tradition every year with a wall calender with 12 historical pictures, one per month. In cooperation with Simmering´s Neighbouhood Marketing Cooperation and Simmering´s Museum we createdd and produced this calender for the sixth time this year. Many customers are collecting the calenders and...

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Newsletter for Aktuell Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Services Ltd.

Several times per year Aktuell informs about the most interesting news from the wide world of insurance services. Clearly and briefly the most important facts are communicated in the newsletter - further details can be obtained at the contact mentioned with each article. The high return rate shows impressivly that in our digital world printed information is still well received and highly welcome.

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Renault RDW Vienna – Newsletter edition for repair services, used cars and accessories

Renault RDW is one of the largest Renault dealers in Vienna with 2 outlets. As direct sales promotion we create and produce a regular newsletter with all current special offers in the fields of repair services, spare parts and accesories. It is fast, informative and full of bargains. The 8-pages-newsletter “STARTKLAR” – meaning “ready for takeoff” – is mailed to approx. 30.000 adresses and...

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Neighbourhood marketing in perfection: the 4th book about Wien-Margareten published

The only chance for small enterprises in remote neighbourhoods to compete against the city center and shopping malls is to raise sympathy of the local residents. Wien-Margareten is such a neighbourhood which became extremly popular during the last decade by extensive marketing efforts. Now people from all over Vienna go there to experience the unique flair of the small shops, cafés and...

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New Project: Info Brochure for the German Centre of Tourism "Deutschland erleben - mit der Bahn in alle deutsche Städte reisen" in Cooperation with the ÖBB

In the Brochure offers for Austrians travelling in Germany are presented in ten different categories such as Wine, Music, Sights to see etc. Each category is assigned an area in Germany, and will provide the best train connections available. The project will be an exciting challenge for our Design Team who, due to their years of work with the AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT ÖSTERREICH has the best...

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"On-the-job" internship at Klasan - an important Experience for the future

[Translate to Englisch:] Praktikum bei Klasan Werbeagentur

Summer - Internship time! Marlene Wiesmair and Christoph Zeugswetter have been interning at Klasan Werbeagentur since the start of July, and have been a valuable help by taking over many of the jobs our vacationing employees usually do. We have had interns for 10 years now, and they have always become totally immersed in the daily work. We are especially delighted that most of out interns, when...

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New client in the beauty segment: Helga Dolezal Beauty Residence at Neusiedl/See

For decades our agency is experienced in the hospitality and restaurant trade and meanwhile we are also specialized in another segment: After Shannon Cosmetics at Vienna's first district and Seepark Spa at Klagenfurt's Lake Woerthersee, we are now working for the austrian beauty farm with the longest tradition, the residence of Helga Dolezal at Lake Neusiedl. For more than 30 years the doyenne of...

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What a start into the new advertising year for the Wiener Installateure!

In the first two months of the new year, the Wiener Installateure participated at the two most important trade exhibitions of Austria "Aquatherm" and "Bauen & Energie". At the first one that took place from january 24 to 27, the "Experts for well-being" presented a welcome gift to all visitors: a darkblue woolen hat with the "Wiener Installateure" logo on it - perfect for the more

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Extensive Content Management as agency service for websites by Klasan Advertising

For many years we have been offering to our clients editorial and content service to their websites. This can mean much more than only to change texts and photos! Content Management Service for us means to create new ideas for promotion that create interesting news for the visitors of the website. In many cases we use video reports like in the case of teamdesign cooking school. Immediately more

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The new bookcase "Wortschatz" ("Word Treasure") at Vienna's Margaretenplatz has become a widely welcomed attraction for the 5th disctrict

During the last 13 years we have created many unique activities for the neighbourhood marketing of "Margareten" like the crime thriller book "Schön tot". Now the newest attraction of this most entertaining district of Vienna was officialy opened by the president of the neighbourhood commitee Getrude Klaric and the major of the district Kurt Wimmer. From the first moment on the stream of visitors...

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Opening of the new ROLF BENZ-Fuhrmann flagship store at Stilwerk Vienna

For many years we have been working for Wohncreation Fuhrmann at Vogelweidplatz. Now we created the campaign for the opening of the new ROLF BENZ-Fuhrmann store at Stilwerk. From the new logo to the invitation for the opening and the newly launched website and the photography of the impressive store. Shop-owner Renate Krebs-Fuhrman was absolutly happy about how many visitors she was able to...

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Cooperation-Meeting with our AMIN-partner agency INSOMNIA in Budapest on Oct, 24

At our last AMIN General Meeting in Warsaw we were happy to welcome a new partner agency in Hungary. The whole process of market evaluation and assessment of hungarian agencies took place with significant support of the Austrian Trade Commission, managed by Mrs. Dr. Erika Teoman-Brenner. Therefore the first cooperation meeting between INSOMNIA-CEO Gergely Erdös and Christian Klasan took place more

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AMIN Europe General Meeting in Warsaw, October, 6th - 9th, 2011

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It was only at the last AMIN meeting at Antwerp in May when the polish agency Market Share became new member of the network. Now, half a year later they already gave a brilliant performance as organizer of the 2nd General Meeting this year. The programme was a perfect mixture of presentations of the participating agencies from all over Europe, in-dephts discussions on controversial topics more

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AusschreibungsService GesmbH. is our fifth new client this year

After teamdesign, Shannon Cosmetics, Lindner Seepark Hotel and Rolf Benz Fuhrmann-Showroom, opening in october at the new Stilwerk, we are glad to welcome AusschreibungsService GesmbH as our new customer. Being part of Wiener Zeitung´s organisation the company operates three wide-ranging internet platforms: The official tender base,, the online tool for more

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New customer: Seepark Hotel Klagenfurt from international Lindner hotel group

The spectacular design of the Seepark Hotel makes the impressive building one of the most visible signs just right on the Wörthersee´s shore. This hotel was built according to the main international standards of the hotel, congress and wellness industry and these facts have to be expressed in the external communication. “That is why we want to fall back upon many years of Klasan´s more

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Klasan Advertising Agency wins „The Most Child Friendly Company of Vienna" Award

Since we founded our agency twenty years ago, we made it a strict rule, not to take part in those self-congratulation competitions in our industry. "We only win if our customers are successful!", this is our credo. Wiener Bezirkzeitung and Wirtschaftsbund Wien organized an award for "The Most Child Friendly Company of Vienna". Thereby the Viennese public could nominate the candidates and more

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teamdesign – the kitchen and bathroom specialists are our agency's newest client

teamdesign's great advantage is the personalised service by its two CEOs Christine Pötzlberger and Dietmar Grießer. We aim to communicate this through the design of a new website, combined with a range of sales-boosting strategies. Our comprehensive photo shoot captured both the company's personality, as well as the special atmosphere of its regular cooking more

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AMIN Europe General Meeting in Antwerp, May 5th - 8th, 2011, including four new members

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AMIN Europe's general assembly took place this time in the very summery (!) city of Antwerp. The city on the Scheldt and the Belgian coast showed of its mixture of well-preserved tradition and cool city vibe. No signs of stress, it emanates relaxed modernity, which is clearly not challenged by the mild temperatures just short of 30 degrees. The AMIN get-together was marked by the entry of...

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New Folder for Austrian International Consultants

Austrian International Consultants is an extremely active platform of advisors, consultants, economic trustees and lawyers, who partake in international competitions together. They receive extensive support from the AIC office to prove themselves against global competitors. A large part of job bids are acquired through international databases, to which Austrian International Consultants has...

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New Wohncreation Fuhrmann Image Pamphlet

For the many years since designing and setting it up, we have maintained the website of the exclusive interior store Wohncreation Furhmann. Now, its owner Ms Krebs-Fuhrmann has commissioned us to create an image pamphlet based on our website design. Our main focus was to meld the quality of the available interior design lines with the consultation service's competence. Simultaneously, we designed...

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Stephan Butter, of our Dutch partner agency in Rotterdam, was heartly welcomed in Vienna

The graphic designer, who had been working at campagnerotterdam for eight years now, spent a week visiting our agency, and was fully integrated into our daily business under the guidance of our Art Director Andrea Kompauer. Due to his excellent German, he was able to make valuable contributions to continuous tasks, as well as to the development of a new identity concept. But as brilliant as more

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Eric Kantner spent a week working at ALL IN-Agency in Prague, as part of the AMIN employee exchange programme

The biggest surprise awaiting Eric Kantner, who has been a graphic designer at our agency for four years now (pictured with ALL IN-Agency's CEO Petr Kubka), was that not a single person at the agency in Prague spoke German. So he was left with no choice but to revive his rusty English, and in a week's time he was communicating brilliantly, integrated into the daily work at the agency, and more

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Worldwide support for Austria's economy – the ultimate information package of the Austrian Trade Organisation pubished in its 7th edition since 2001

For the tenth year running, we designed the key information package for Austria's export enterprises on behalf of the Austrian Trade Organisation, consisting of the AWO Programme, the AWO Guide, and the pocket-sized AWO Compact. The AWO Programme presents detailed information on the Austrian Trade service range, with which it supports local export enterprises both in Austria and on foreign...

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Worldwide publicity for Wien-Margareten in the brand-new Lonely Planet City Guide Vienna

City Guide

All over the world, travellers inform themselves about their destinations using Lonely Planet's City Guides. So the one-page editorial report on Wien-Margareten, based around the crime novel "Schön Tot" which was published last year, will certainly draw a lot of attention to this up-and-coming neighbourhood in Vienna. The novel was written by one of Austria's most famous crime authors, more

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Shannon Cosmetics - the new and profound corporate identity goes public

corporate identity shannon cosmetics

After last year's successful launch of the new website and online-shop, the brand new image concept for Shannon Cosmetics has now been implemented. The owner, Kerry Shannon, was particularly pleased to be presented with the first copy of the new comprehensive image brochure. Posters, price lists, vouchers and flyers have also been designed and produced. The upcoming emphases lie on the design of...

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Interning at Klasan – valuable work experience for the future

Internship at Klasan

The new year began with two particularly pleasant interns working at our agency for several weeks - Daniela Almberger and Verena Reiter. For more than ten years, we have regularly been offering internships to (young) people. While our interns are fully integrated into our daily business, they are left with enough time to inform themselves about how our agency is run, and to get to know the more

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Interning at Klasan – valuable work experience for the future (copy 2)

Internship at Klasan

The new year began with two particularly pleasant interns working at our agency for several weeks - Daniela Almberger and Verena Reiter. For more than ten years, we have regularly been offering internships to (young) people. While our interns are fully integrated into our daily business, they are left with enough time to inform themselves about how our agency is run, and to get to know the more

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“Helfen Wir” (Let us help) in the U-Bahn newspaper “Heute” (14.02.2011) – major appearance of a charity project we have been in charge of for a year

“Helfen Wir” in the newspaper “Heute”

Many issues of the magazine “Der Helfer” (the helper) have already been published with a layout created by our agency and the new website enjoys great popularity just as well. However, more importantly for Hannes Urban, initiator of “Helfen Wir”, is the extremely high willingness to donate money which enables him to continue with his projects. “Heute” reported in full about this and more

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Successful magazine project: four editions of the publication "" in 2010

Four editions of the publication ""

Since the start of this year, we have created and published the magazine "" for the three active shopping street associations Währinger Straße, Kreuzgasse and Weinhaus. The 20-page magazine contains current information about the three shopping areas in the 18th district of Vienna, dates of cultural and art events, current promotions of various businesses in the area, and more

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Distributing 180,000 Lindt Chocolate Father Christmases in 50 Wiener Einkaufsstraßen – challenged by extremely wintry weather!

Distributing 180,000 Lindt Chocolate Father Christmases
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The 1st of December: snow as far as the eye can see! It was a true challenge to build up our flags at distribution spots in 50 Wiener Einkaufsstraßen, to present passers-by with Lindt chocolate Father Christmases. But it was worth it, as the delighted reactions of shoppers battling their way through the thick snowflakes confirmed. What better way to spread the Christmas cheer than with a little...

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It's that time of year again – our apprentices designed, produced and delivered seasonal advent greetings to our clients

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On the 5th annual occasion this year, our clients were presented with a little something a few days before the first Sunday of Advent. This time we created "culinary Advent platters", filled with everything we enjoy during Advent. Our offices were transformed into Santa's workshop for a few days, and we busied ourselves with designing, filling and decorating 50 Advent platters before more

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International symposium for quality of the healthcare system, Vienna Town Hall, 4th & 5th November

Viennese organization of hospitals
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Many years ago, we "invented" the international symposium for the Viennese organization of hospitals. This year, it found its 9th annual occurrence. For the rather dry topic of "numbers and statistical data" we developed the more intriguing conference title "Between Numbers," which inspired many of the top-class speakers to take a stand in their discourses. After the opening speech by city...

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After 6 months and 3.3 million visitors – farewell to the highly successful Austria pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

"Klasan's logo design helped us from the very beginning to build fruitful liaisons with the official Chinese posts," was the tenor of government superintendent Dr Hannes Androsch and EXPO-head Mag. Birgit Murr, at the celebratory end of the world exhibition. The Austria pavilion's corporate design adorned numerous giveaways, which were hugely popular with the visitors, and have since become...

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22-page feature on Margareten in the "Freizeit" magazine supplement of KURIER on Saturday, 30th October

Margareten in the "Freizeit" magazine

Never has a distict been presented so comprehensively! On 22 pages, the 600,000 readers of FREIZEIT discovered the booming quarter of Margareten. A total of 27 small as well as larger enterprises presented their offers – a stellar example of professional city marketing, beneath the motto of "achieving more, together," which was powered by the economic chamber of Vienna and the Viennese economic...

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Vienna shopping streets chairpeople conference 2010 – 250 guests at the UNIQUA Platinum tower

Vienna shopping streets chairpeople conference 2010
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The president of the economic chamber, Brigitte Jank, and deputy burgomaster, Renate Brauner, presented the Shopping Street Awards to the best works across five categories, selected by a jury of experts. The "Brigitte-Jank-Prize" went to the 5erCity around Margaretenplatz. The chairpeople of the Vienna shopping streets were given an autumn treat by the Viennese markets as a farewell surprise: a...

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Big plans for Europe and the world: AMIN Europe meeting in Rome, 7th - 10th October 2010

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At the four-day AMIN Europe meeting, talk about expanding our network around Europe, as well as across other continents prevailed. In collaboration with the president of AMIN USA, Bill Coontz, a long-term plan to achieve these ambitious goals was carefully developed. But the intense strategy discussions did not take their toll on the fun. On Friday, the 20-strong AMIN group visited an Italian...

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Medical scientific benchmark on 30 years of thyroid gland surgery at the Kaiserin-Elisabeth Hospital published

30 years of thyroid gland surgery

The design and publication of books has been most traditional to our agency from the very beginning. This time, our graphic designers faced a particularly unique challenge. After years of preparation, Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Hermann published an encompassing work on the history of thyroid gland surgery at the Kaiserin-Elisabeth Hospital, with the Springer Verlag. On more than 250 pages, the...

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Hilton Advantage Club – an Internet-based Loyalty Programme for the four Austrian Hilton Hotels

Hilton Advantage Club

We have developed a website for the four Hilton hotels in Austria which – similarly to an online shop – invites Hilton regulars to take advantage of bonuses based on their Hilton bookings. The offers range from simple Hilton-branded everyday items to vouchers for dining in one of the Hilton restaurants, through to stays at international Hilton hotels, each available for a number of "bonus points" more

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Newest Publication: the first children's novel of Margareten "Unterirdisch Schön" ("Underworldly Beautiful") was presented on September 14 at the Schlossquadrat

the first children's novel of Margareten
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After last year's sensational success of the Margareten crime novel "Schön Tot" ("Beautifully dead"), this year's novel project dedicated itself to an interesting new audience: children, who are led to discover the quarter around Margaretenplatz from a new angle through László Varvasovszky's tale. The successful author and illustrator of children's books created a work which is set in more

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Promotion events bring life and colour to a shopping quarter: mongrel contest and pumpkin party on Margaretenplatz

Promotion events
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Pleasant little events which appeal to the local audience and enrapture it for a few hours – such is the goal of the promotions in the Wiener Einkaufsstraßen. This also held on this year's September 11th, where Margaretenplatz hosted the 12th annual mongrel contest. Many four-legged darlings were presented to the jury by their owners, and at the end almost every participant took home a trophy or...

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Largest Viennese Promotion Event: Sampling Distribution of 140,000 Bottles of Schartner Bombe Vitamin A+C+E

[Translate to Englisch:] Werbeagentur Wien
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For many years now, the community promotions of the Wiener Einkaufsstraßen shopping areas have been Vienna's largest promotion events. This year, spring hits the town in a very unusual way in around 2,000 shops across 40 shopping areas. With a delicious vitamin-kick refreshment, the new Schartner Bombe Vitamin A+C+E, by the Upper-Austria-based business Frankenmarkter. Customers and more

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Welcome, Shannon Cosmetics! A new client of the agency, with a new web-appearance and an online shop

Shannon Cosmetics

The exclusive beauty hotspot on Krugerstraße in the 1st Viennese district, "Shannon Cosmetics," has selected to commission our agency with the design, creation and programming of its new comprehensive website and online shop. In close collaboration with the owner, Kerry Shannon, the past months have seen the process of a model project, demonstrating how a small, beautiful shop can be more

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New TYPO3 website for the interpreter Marlies Mejstrik

For many years now, we have been developing websites using the performance-excelling content management system TYPO3 for our clients: well-designed, with uncomplicated update features. For the nationally sworn-in and juridically certified English-language interpreter Marlies Mejstrik, we have recently developed a modern internet appearance like this, clearly portraying her range of more

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Extensive Summer Campaign for the Wellness Experts: the Viennese Plumbers

Since the beginning of this year, we have been responsible for the public communications of the Viennese plumbers (Wiener Installateure). The campaign's highlight took place at the beginning of the summer: with the support of the Austrian traditional mineral water brand JUVINA, more than 200 participating Viennese plumber clients received a large delivery of bottles of mineral water which they...

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AMIN-Europe Meeting in Prague, 27th - 30th of May 2010

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The second European-hosted AMIN-Worldwide meeting to which our agency was invited, since our entry last year, focussed on social networks. The diverse contributions from individual member countries illustrated the impressive power of this up-and-coming marketing tool. For instance, our Swiss partner agency told of its success in using Facebook to gather more than 80,000 online-fans for one of more

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New International Client Launches Advertising Campaign Across Leading Romanian Print Media

The Romanian-Austrian financial service provider Imperial Capital Ventures launched a widespread advertising campaign throughout all major Romanian print media in April, to introduce financial funding options. Its success was sensational! Thousands of requests, which are now being examined and responded to one by one, arrived within the following few days.

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A City-Marketing Success Story: "Schön Tot", the Margareten-based Thriller by Edith Kneifl

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In November 2009, the pan-European celebrated author Edith Kneifl published a literary thriller in which all locations and supporting characters are real: based on and around shops, restaurants, and pubs in Margareten, the fifth of Vienna's 23 districts, and their owners. read more

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Third new customer in the third month of 2010 - the internet platform JOURNALISM WITHOUT BORDERS

Journalists from all over the world over and over report about especially tragic and moving events worldwide within various media. Immediately after publication the public interest on these destinies is huge but the more time passes they tend to fade into the background in the respective media. Since the beginning of May these moving stories are presented on the internet more

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Alexey Shaklunov, Creative Director at our Partner Agency in Moscow, was our Guest for a Week

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From the 22nd to the 26th of March, our Russian partner agency Fresh Mind's Creative Director Alexey Shaklunov visited us in Vienna to share his experience and know-how. He enthusiastically embarked on his first project: conceptualising a poster advertisement. Lead by Romana Eigl and Andrea Kompauer, the week continued to take him through a range of exciting jobs across all areas of more

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Welcome Back – Another Brand-New Project Launches for the Viennese Hospitals Association, After Many Years

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For almost 10 years, we have been taking care of the Viennese Hospitals Association's (Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund) public communications. Our repertoire included quality management, revitalising care, and the care home Klosterneuburg, to name a more

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Corporate Design for Austria's Representation at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

[Translate to Englisch:] Werbeagentur Wien Expo2010

We developed an extraordinary logo for the Austrian pavilion at the 2010 world exhibition in Shanghai. It associates the Mandarin character "rén", which means "person" and looks similar to a capital A, with the A for Austria. At the same time, the character resembles an archway, through which visitors will enter A – Austria –, finding themselves in the Austrian pavilion at the EXPO 2010. more

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Largest Viennese Promotion Event: Sampling Distribution of 140,000 Bottles of Schartner Bombe Vitamin A+C+E (Kopie 1)

[Translate to Englisch:] Werbeagentur Wien
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For many years now, the community promotions of the Wiener Einkaufsstraßen shopping areas have been Vienna's largest promotion events. This year, spring hits the town in a very unusual way in around 2,000 shops across 40 shopping areas. With a delicious vitamin-kick refreshment, the new Schartner Bombe Vitamin A+C+E, by the Upper-Austria-based business Frankenmarkter. Customers and more

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Andrea Kompauer Spends a Week in Rotterdam, on an AMIN-Europe Employee-Exchange

Campagnerotterdam, our Dutch partner agency in the worldwide AMIN network, became Andrea Kompauer's temporary workplace from the 8th until the 12th of March. With more than 40 employees, Campagnerotterdam is a much larger agency than ours, and services numerous large more

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Gerstner Group Multi-Media Presentation in the Imperial Confectioner's Shop Window on Kärntner Straße

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(Moving) images are worth more than a thousand words... In this spirit, a screen in the shop window of the imperial confectioner Gerstner is now displaying a multimedia portrayal of the business. Many passers-by take a break to delve briefly into the rich history – all the way to the current portfolio – of this traditional confectioner.

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Our Two Apprentices Finish Their Education With Outstanding Success

For many years now, educating apprentices has become an intrinsic part of our agency's identity. Many young people have since taken the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship at Klasan Werbeagentur. read more

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Start of a new image campaign for Vienna´s plumbers

Since the beginning of 2010 we have been taking care of the plomber´s guild of Vienna´s Chamber of Trade with a broad long term communication concept. With  this concept Vienna´s plombers position themselves as your experts for well-being. The guild´s chairman Michael Mattes is excited about the campaign´s successful start since it was highly praised when being presented to more

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AWO-Guide 2010 – for the sixth time since 2001 the ultimate guide for Austrian´s foreign trade was released

For nine years now, we have been designing and producing the most important information guide for Austria's export enterprises on behalf of AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT ÖSTERREICH (foreign trade Austria). The AWO guide lists all national and international contacts, including particular specifications as well as a picture. With over 700 staff members and more than 100 offices worldwide, the compilation of all...

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[Translate to Englisch:] Wahl der schönsten Weihnachtsbeleuchtung Wiens auf brachte Überraschungssieger

Während des gesamten Advents 2009 konnte mit einem eigens dafür entwickelten Voting-Tool auf dem Internetportal der Wiener Einkaufsstraßen Stimmen für die schönste und beliebteste Weihnachtsbeleuchtung abgegeben werden. Damit wurde die enorme Vielfalt der kreativen neuen Weihnachtsbeleuchtungen ganz deutlich an die Öffentlichkeit kommuniziert. Erklärte Favoriten bei der Abstimmung waren natü more

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Währing´s first Wedding Guide – a new innovative product for three shopping streets in Vienna´s 18th district

For our advertising agency it is always a big challenge to create and implement new advertisment ideas that have never been done before for the Viennese shopping streets we are in charge of. After already 18 years that can be pretty difficult! By creating the first Währinger Wedding Guide we again succeeded in developing a new and especially innovative product. For the first time ever more

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[Translate to Englisch:] Kooperation mit unserer AMIN-Partneragentur in der Schweiz

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Als 1. Partneragentur im internationalen AMIN-Netzwerk besuchte Christian Klasan Ende November die Schweizer Agentur B+G in Montreux, um Projekte zu analysieren, die in Zukunft gemeinsam abgewickelt werden könnten. Erfreulicherweise wurde eine große Übereinstimmung der beiden Agenturen was Größe und Kundenstruktur betrifft festgestellt. read more

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Advent wreaths, made by our trainees, gave great pleasure

Every year towards the end of November our agency turns into an advent-wreath-workshop. Our trainees created and decorated more than two dozen wreaths. This year these are very traditional with  little angels, orange slices and pine cones. Our customers were delighted by our trainees´ visit who brought them nice-smelling pre-Christmas greetings from our office at Zirkusgasse. The more

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[Translate to Englisch:] Klasan goes international - wir sind die neue Partneragentur von AMIN Worldwide in Österreich

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Nachdem wir nun schon seit mehr als 8 Jahren für die Außenwirtschaft Österreich arbeiten dürfen, war es für uns an der Zeit das Motto "go international" auch selbst in die Tat umzusetzen. Seit Anfang November ist unsere Agentur offizielles Mitglied der weltweiten Agenturgruppe AMIN (Advertising & Marketing International Network), einem Zusammenschluss von selbständigen, inhabergefü more

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Sweet dreams from the imperial-royal confectioner Gerstner - perfectly staged in our agency´s photographic studio

For the new brochure "Konfekt&Trüffel" (confection&truffel), our two photographers Andrea Krahofer and Eric Kantner shooted the sweet masterpieces from the imperial-royal confectioner Gerstner. Our photographic studio, which we also use for portrait photography every now and then, was used as a still-life-studio for days. The specific challenge was the accurate more

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Our new customer: "Helfen Wir" (Let us help) platform for Africa and the magazine "Der Helfer" (the helper)

Social marketing has always been one of the main products in our agency´s portfolio. After a long inspection of all potential advertising agencies, the charity organisation "Helfen Wir!" decided that we are the perfect partner for their interests and charged us with the composition of their quarterly magazine "Der Helfer" as well as the complete relaunch of their website more

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10 years of singing in Advent by the Volksopernviertel-entrepreneurs in front of Vienna´s Volksoper

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One of the most sympathic events, which we are making for a Viennese shopping street, is celebrating its 10th anniversairy this year. Just like every year at the beginning of Advent many local entrepreneurs were coming together to sing well-known, traditional Christmas carols, supported by some opera stars. read more

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Cultural initiative all over Vienna - Cooperation between Kunsthistorischem Museum and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

After last year´s huge success with the first cultural initiative of Vienna´s shopping streets together with the Liechtenstein Museum we were now able to form another sensational cooperation between two important Viennese institutions: the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber invite you to visit the Neue Burg or Wagenburg with one of the 120,000 free tickets that more

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Promotion campaign for Bitzinger´s new wurst stand at Vienna´s Riesenrad

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The very popular wurst stand at the Albertinaplatz right behind the Staatsoper is well known all over Vienna. At the beginning of September a second one, also designed by the team of architects Schuberth&Schuberth, opened in front of the Riesenrad, on the way to the new Prater forecourt. This location is excellent and in the first days after its opening, it already drew large crowds. On more

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Mongrel contest and pumpkin festivity at Margaretenplatz on September 12th

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For 17 years our agency has been in charge of the project "Die Wiener Einkaufsstraßen" (Vienna´s shopping streets) for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Besides a large-scale image campaign this initiative is definitely also based on the many small and charming activities which show to local residents how livable and amiable their neighborhood is. The mongrel contest celebrated its more

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Seminar about systemic organisation constellation in our agency´s rooms

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Management consultants Susanne Schweitzer and Thomas Breitner from Vienna´s "Akademie für Organisationsentwicklung" (academy for organisational development) thought of our agency to be particularly suitable for the conduction of a seminar about systematic organisation constellation. Almost twenty participants signed in and on September 2nd this exciting and revealing group meeting took place. read more

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Corporate design for Austria´s appearance at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

[Translate to Englisch:] Werbeagentur Wien Expo2010

For Austria´s pavilion at next year´s world exposition in Shanghai we created an especially extraordinary logo. The logo connects the Chinese symbol for "human being", which resembles an A, with the A for Austria. Simultaneously the Chinese symbol is also a gateway through which the visitor gets to A, that is Austria - directly in the Austrian pavilion at the EXPO 2010. Above of the logo, more

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Klasan Advent wreaths

In order to get our customers in the mood for Christmas season our trainees created a special advent wreath again this year.

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